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C3 Equalz V3 Stabilizers Set

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We've been getting some requests to bring in the C3 V3 Equalz Stabilizers and here they are :)

Difference between V2 and V3:
• V3 has 4-pin support instead of the previous 2 pin to prevent pulling out
• Base upgraded to copper nut to prevent pulling out and tighter fitting
• Gap between hole and base is altered, reducing rattling and increasing compatibility
• New gasket silencing pads to reduce noise
• Less prone to wire warping

10 sets of stem
10 sets of housing
10 screws (black coated) 10 washers 4 x 2u wire 1 x 6.25u wire 1 x 7u wire
10 sets of separate silencer pads
10 sets of steel wire silencing pads
10 stabilizing pads for steel wire