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Custom Coiled Aviator Cables

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We're bringing you custom coiled aviator cables at an affordable price point.

It doesn't really get any better than this.

We also made some changes to the design of the cables by adding additional sleeves to improve the durability of the cable as compared to the usual heat-shrink cover that will damage the entire cable as a whole when bent.

Cables are also reverse coiled for the best possible results :

Total cable length: Estimated to be 1m

10/10/2021 - The batches have an increase in materials used. This results in a springy-ier cable as well as better ability to hold its shape.

Please do reach out should you have any queries. I'll do my best to answer accordingly :)

Going forward, the items will all be set to a pre-order duration of about 3 weeks while we expect orders to be shipped out possibly by 2 weeks. This is all subject to shipment delays (hopefully not). The 30 days pre-order period is a failsafe and if everything goes wrong, we'll be relying on that timeframe to try to get the item in.

A material list is as follows: Monofilament PET 4mm Mesh sleeve, 3.5mm 4-core data cable. 4mm umbrella rope.

Photos are taken to better represent the item to the best of our abilities.

Stay safe and healthy peeps :)