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Dolphin75 [Extras, PO]

Color Combination

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By Purchasing, you understand this product is a Pre-order and will ship around the timeframe listed on this page, subject to delays.

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Pre-order duration: Unlimited, While stocks last
Shipping window for each order: Ship out within 2 to 3 weeks

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Elegant Design and Silky Handfeel

Just like the name of the keyboard, its design inspiration comes from the streamlined shape of the dolphin's forehead bulge and the gradual shrinking shape of the tail. The special curve design makes the keyboard look simple and elegant.

Besides, it provides you the smooth silky touching feel with better case craft, feel like touching the dolphin skin. 

As lovely dolphins are friends of human beings and always accompany us at sea, we want to make Dolphins75 more user-friendly in daily life, just like the dolphin accompany you all the time.


Kit Contents

  • Top and bottom case *1
  • Weight  *1
  • PC plate *1 
  • Hotswap PCB *1 
  • AI03 Daughterboard *1
  • Cable *1 
  • Poron bottom foam *1
  • IXPE switch pad *1
  • Poron Gasket - foam *2
  • Foot pad kit *2
  • Screws and wrench *1


  • Full CNC 6063 Aluminum top and bottom case
  • Full-built weight: 2.4kg  
  • Typing angle:7°
  • Front Height: 20mm
  • Size: 327*150mm*18mm

PCB Specifications

  • 1.2mm thick
  • Single key flex-cut design  
  • Hotswap PCB support ANSI layout ;Solder PCB support ISO & ANSI layout
  • QMK & VIA support

Better Typing Consistency

In order to improve the typing consistency for all keys, we use the gasket - foam instead of gasket to keep every single key the same typing feel.

What's more, it makes the build process simpler and easier by conbining the gaskets and foam.

Purchase Disclaimer

1. Dolphin75 keyboard is a Pre-order item. Estimated delivery in July is our best guess. Delays and setbacks may occur. You agree to these terms by default when purchasing.

2. There will be a 6.4% + 0.3 Paypal process fee on order cancellations and refunds after placing an order.

3. No refunds or cancellations after the Extra sale ends.

4. The final product color may be different from the rendering, but it is an acceptable range. It mainly refers to the actual product.

Quality Disclaimer

1. Appearance QC standards (including Stainless steel PVD weight, Alu anodized weight) are as follows: According to GB QC standard, our QC is in the light conditions are normal, and keep the distance between 20-25 cm to check the keyboard‘s appearance. If there is no defect then the QC check is passed. If the keyboard has problems such as dirt/spot/trachoma, as long as the dirt/spot/trachoma is less than 0.8-2.0 mm² (check with a film caliper), the QC check will pass. You can view the table of QC standards for dirt/spot/trachoma.

2. Plating marks caused by hanging holes inside during keyboard production are normal phenomena during production.

3. Due to the special material properties of PVD, there may be slight, unavoidable dust on the mirror surface during production. These are normal phenomena and within our quality approval range.

Please also note that the progress and success of the group buy will depend on the manpower as well as the logistics side of the supply chain. We reserve the right to cancel the orders should there be any hiccups in the process. Ultimately, we still aim to fulfill the groupbuy without any issues. 

Should there be any queries, please feel free to hop onto our server to speak with our community members/moderators. 



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Some other commonly asked questions:

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