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Gateron CAP Yellow Switches

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  • Linear Switch
  • Actuation:50g
  • Pre-travel:2.0mm
  • Total travel:4.0mm
  • Non-gold-plated spring for the milky version
  • Gold-plated spring for the yellow version
  • factory well pre-lubed
  • PCB mount(5 pins.)
  • sold in packs of 35 and 10.
  • 35 pcs packed in an acrylic case
  • Made by Gateron

Is the cap switch lightly lubed or well lubed?
Yes, they are well lubed by Gateron.

Are they PCB mount or Plate mount switch?
we are bringing you the PCB mount CAP switch. (5 pins) 

How to convert the switch from PCB mount into plate mount?
you can clip the extra 2 plastic pins. it may take your 2 mins to clip 70-80 switches.

Check more details about Plate mount switch vs PCB mount switch here.
f you like more flex or use switch on half-plate keyboard, PCB mount is the way to go:)