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Keychron V1 (Barebones w Knob)

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Full info can be found on Keychron's official website:


81 Keys Barebone Knob: The V1 is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard ready for any situation. It’s a great option to introduce you to the custom keyboard world. With its compact 75% layout, acoustic silicone pad, the V1 is designed for ultra typing comfort and boost productivity.

Current stock: Ink Black (Translucent) w Knob, Barebones 



Program V1 with QMK & VIA: To build a fully customizable keyboard, we designed every component easily assembled. With full QMK and VIA support, you can easily program and remap each key on the keyboard. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, even the knob and more.


An Epic Core Inside The Keyboard: A brand new powerful ultra-low-power Arm structure MCU armed with 128K Flash will provide more flexibility for developers. The polling rate is up to 1000 Hz out of the box, which makes latency non-existent for the competitive game.


Hot-swappable Support: You can hot-swap the V1 with almost all of the 3pin and 5pin MX mechanical switches on the market (including Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, Panda, etc.) without soldering required. The PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizer for “big keys” such as space bar, shift, enter, and delete are designed for less wobbliness.


South-facing RGB Backlight: The south-facing RGB is designed to better illuminate the keyboard backlight from the typist’s angle with the premium non-shine-through PBT keycaps (NOT included on the V1 Barebone Knob) installed. Please note: Users need to buy switches and keycaps separately in order to type with the V1 Barebone Knob.