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Metal Switch puller

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Easy removal of mechanical switches due to the clamp-like design.

30/11/2022 - Current design refreshed
Material: Aluminium <- current design

The design of this product enables fuss-free and easy removal of mechanical switches even in tight areas, especially effective in the corners of some of the keyboards that are out there that as evidenced by the smaller bent tips. Due to this, several revisions have been made to the length of the bend tips to get the best possible length at the moment. (Shorter bend tips)

You will not require much force to dislodge the switch. You should be able to do it with relative ease and will never need to force the switch puller till it bends entirely. The design of switch pullers will naturally require the material to be made into a metal sheet. All metal sheets will definitely bend and retain their bent shape if forced in that manner. This is thus a poor way of evaluating the resilience of an item.

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