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Neo70 Barebones Kit [Pre-order]

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Estimated Date of Arrival: Late Q3 2024 [Subject to delays]
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  • Oxidation of brass and copper weights is unavoidable due to the characteristics of these materials. If you are concerned about this, please choose the PVD stainless steel weight instead.
  • Chroma and Dusk are random mixes of gradients, so the result on each unit may vary.
  • The tri-mode PCB on this sale page comes with a pair of 2200mAh batteries.
  • If you want to edit your Neo80 specifications, please do not edit the quantities in the shopping cart. Instead, visit the product page and "add to cart" again.
  • Your order will be cancelled if more than 1 PCB or Plate from the kit listing is added to cart. 
  • All PCBs are QMK-based and support VIA.

Kindly note that we do not accept cancellations after the end of the Groupbuy,

Absolutely elegant

Unibody Case

Derived from the Neo65 but specifically designed for the FRL TKL layout, the unibody case of the Neo70 exemplifies the elegance of minimalism while offering a sturdy foundation for effortless assembly.


Reimagined FRLTKL

NEO70's function keys are separated from the alphas to minimize potential hollow sounds and allow for individual adjustment.

The cover plate above the arrow keys is attached using magnets, making it easy to remove the PCB whenever needed.

Clean and NEat

Side Profile

We chose an inward-sloping edge to complement the minimal design on the front.

This also makes it easier to pick up the keyboard.

2-Step Effortless disassembly

We believe that providing an easy assembly/disassembly experience is crucial for making mechanical keyboards more accessible, which is always a top priority in our product design.

Building upon the feedback we received from the Neo65, we have further simplified the disassembly process of the Neo70 into 2 steps: removing the badge, which is attached to the case using magnets, and pushing out the PCB.

Magnetic Connectors

Ribbon cables have long been a source of frustration for keyboard enthusiasts, which is also the main feedback we received for the Neo65.

To address this issue and enable the 2-step disassembly, we replaced the ribbon cables with magnetic connectors.

These connectors automatically connect and disconnect when you insert and remove the PCB.

Double Trouble

Dual-Mounting System

Like the Neo65, the Neo70 supports both PCB gasket mount and gummy O-ring mount in the alpha section (not compatible with plateless configurations). The gaskets have been further upgraded to be more durable.

PCB Options

Tri-mode Hotswap PCB (Non-flex Cut)

1.6mm thick

Support USB-C, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz connection

Support both ANSI and ISO layout


Polling rate: 1000Hz in wired and 2.4Ghz mode; 125Hz in BT mode

NO Per-key RGB

Wired Hotswap PCB (Non-flex Cut)

1.6mm thick

USB-C connection only

Support both ANSI and ISO layout


Polling rate: 1000Hz

NO Per-key RGB

Solder PCB (Non-flex Cut)

1.6mm thick

USB-C connection only

Support both ANSI and ISO layout


Polling rate: 1000Hz

NO Per-key RGB

Myraid of Case, Weight and badge options


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