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Shadow80 Keyboard Kit [GB]

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Finishing and Case Color: Anodized - Silver
Color: Dark Gray

‼️ Before purchase, you must read and accept following Terms and Conditions of Pixelspace Shadow80 Groupbuy‼️ 

  1. This is a "Groupbuy" sale. Upon purchase, you acknowledge that estimated shipping time is Q2 2024,  and delay may occur due to but limited to conditions like: shipping delay introduced by any unforeseeable production issue.
  2. After purchase, you will be charged immediately.
  3. Due to the nature of "Groupbuy" sale that we will start to arrange production immediately after sale conclude, we generally do not allow cancellation. If you do need to cancel before GB ends, we review requests on a case-by-case basis at our discretion. If cancellation is accepted, a 4% payment processing fee will be withheld on refund.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel orders which we deem violating our sale T&C.
  5. If you purchase add-ons without keyboard kit, your order will be canceled and a 4% payment processing fee will be withheld on refund.
  6. This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.

Raffle Rules

These rules are applying to who wants to upgrade the Weight/Midframe/Badge to the limited edition. No matter what edition you have purchased, you can get a chance to join this raffle! The default Editions and other upgrade options are unlimited Group buy.

When purchasing the unit, you are given a chance to participate in the raffle for a chance to purchase a special limited edition upgrade to the weight/frame/badge. It is limited to 49 units worldwide besides units allocated to China only.

If you win the raffle, you acknowledge that you will need to pay an extra $155. This will be invoiced separately. If you already purchased a Weight upgrade, you will only need to pay the difference of $25 (if you purchase the Stainless Steel option) or $55 (if you purchase the Chroma sandblasted option)


  • Layout: F13 TKL (80%), WK/WKL
  • Mounting Style: Gasket mount (Gasket socks)
  • Typing Angle: 6.5° (Front Height 15mm)
  • Plate: FR4, PC or Aluminum
  • PCB: 1.6mm non-flex cut/1.2mm flex cut, no LED underglow or RGB, both have soldered and hotswap versions with different layout supports. (Support QMK/VIA/VIAL/Link)
  • GB Date: November 25th 20:00 EST to December 24th 23:59 EST
  • Shipping Date: 2024 Q2

What's included

  • Keyboard Kit(Aluminum top case,  mid-frame, aluminum bottom case) 
  • Light-blocking Cover × 1
  • Plate (choose one)
  • PCB (choose one) and daughterboard
  • Stabilizer Shims
  • Carrying Case
  • Gaskets 
  • 3.5mm PORON foam 
  • 1mm case foam
  • Bumpons

Badge options:

  • Badge A

  • Badge B

Weight Options:

  • Weight retro

  • Weight future

Internal Lining color option:

Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Black

Weight, Badge and Midframe Upgrade option:

SS Silver Mirror

SS Black Mirror

SS Silver Stone-washed

SS Black Stone-washed

SS Chroma Sandblasted

└ Soldered

└ Hotswap

Exploded View

What's the differences for limited edition?

This is a limited edition for weight/midframe/badge upgrade option, no matter what edition you have purchased, you can get a chance to join this raffle!

Difference 1: It displays some hollowed-out stars on the weight.

Difference 2: The Pixelspace logo is moved to the left front side of the midframe.

Difference 3: The NUMBER (01~99 for worldwide) representing the limited edition is carved on the midframe besides the arrow keys.


An artisan keycaps will be included within the keyboard as a gift.

Finishing and Case Color: Anodized - Silver
Color: Dark Gray

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