Switch Purchase Disclaimers

This serves as a disclaimer for purchasing Mechanical Switches from the store. 
Kindly note that refunds/exchanges are not allowed for fully functional switches. 

Please do your due diligence checks before purchasing mechanical switches as we will not be responsible for issues where the switches are not compatible with the keyboard.

We will also not be responsible for requests for refunds/exchanges due to 'scratchy' or 'sluggish' switches as they are functional with these definitions being preferential. 

Some additional things to take note of:
Make sure that your keyboard utilizes a hot-swap PCB or a solderable one. 

Make sure that your keyboard uses normal mechanical switches and not optical switches for normal PCBs and vice versa.

Outemu hotswap sockets are usually smaller and will not be compatible with normal mechanical switches. The switches will not be able to fit. 

Please do check with the manufacturer of your keyboard if you need help if confirming that the mechanical switch can fit.

Do note that it is normal for pins to get bent during shipping due to the way that they are handled or packaged from the factory. This is unavoidable. You will be able to straighten the pins with tweezers. 

For those requiring 3 pin configurations, you will be able to cut them off with a pair of cutters. 

Switches are also sold in 1 Qty = 1 Piece unless otherwise stated. 

This option gives you more flexibility, but we heavily recommend getitng in 10 switch increments due to factors such as spoilage from modifications etc. 

Any order below 10 pieces PER TYPE of switch will be cancelled.