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[PO] AEBoards Staebies V2.1 Stabilizers

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PO or Pre-Order for this set of stabilizers will be able to be fulfilled in approximately 2 months time.
Please do join our dedicated channel for updates on this.
Avoid purchasing Pre-order items with other instock items unless you want the entire order to be shipped only when the full number of components are in. 


AEBoards Staebies V2.1 are designed by Zambumon in collaboration with AEBoards. The stabilizers were created to facilitate a better building and typing experience. Version 2 now comes with increased keycap compatibility by reducing the stem by 0.1mm.

AEBoards Staebies V2.1 Features:

  • Designed by Zambumon
  • Black
    • Housing: Nylon
    • Stem: POM
  • Clear
    • Housing: PC
    • Stem: POM


  • Version 2.1 - Packaging change
  • Version 2 - increase keycap compatibility by reducing the stem size by 0.1mm


  • 12 Housings
  • 12 Stems
  • 5 2U Wire
  • 1 6.25U Wire
  • 1 7U Wire
  • Screws
  • O-Rings