ASA Clear Keycaps [Assorted colors]

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Color: Transparent with Green Font

Who said you can't see your switches.


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Model: ASA Clear Transparent Keycap V2 Set - Clear Transparent Black / Clear Transparent White - PC Material

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-V2 of the ASA Clear Keycap Set has removed the reinforcing rib but still be able to maintain the solid structure of the polycarbonate keycap set.

- Polycarbonate / PC Transparent Keycaps with UV Printed Characters

All keycaps are made of transparent PC material to achieve ultimate backlit effect for RGB mechanical keyboard.

Those would be a great PLUS for your Acrylic keyboard such as Akko PC / ACR PRO series.

- Novelty Key Caps

Come with extra replacement keycaps, and you will enjoy great fun of free matching for your mechanical keyboard.

- Keycaps Removal Tool Available

Come with Akko compact high quality wire style keycap puller, easy to take keycaps from keyboard off. No need ordering extra tool, save money



About Compatibility

- Fitted with different layout of 61-key, 64-key, 67-key, 68-key, 84-key, 87-key. 100-key(96%), 98-key(1800) and full-sized 108-key, and thus offers strong flexibility for keyboard personalization including 64-size keyboards with 2u shift.

- Compatible with Cherry MX Style Structure switches including but not limited to Cherry, Gateron, Akko and Kailh etc

- Good replacement keycap set for popular Akko and Royal Kludge RK and Keychron Keyboards




- Clear Transparent Keycap Set(ASA Profile) will come with standard 6.25u Spacebar so some keyboards with non-standard spacebar size could not have a full compatibility with it.

- Shift caps from keyset will come with several size of 1u 1.75u 2.25u 2u 2.75u size, and special keycaps including mac modifers and split spacebar, all of them have a great compatibility for most MX mechanical keyboard.

- Characters on the ASA Clear keycaps are made through UV printing process with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant tests, and are not easily wiped off. However, large and consistent amounts of hand sweat, oil or chemical composition may still damage the characters. Please also pay attention to fingernail scrapes.

Color: Transparent with Green Font

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