Ergo Clear Tactile Switches

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  • Switches are sold in quanitities of 100 per bag
  • MX Ergo Clear positions the model between the classic MX Clear and MX Brown. The MX Ergo Clear is the first special edition of a community switch from CHERRY MX.
  • Especially enthusiasts should already know the Ergo Clear for years: In March 2011, the user "mtl" presented the modification in the well-known Geekhack forum. This essentially consisted of swapping the spring of the conventional MX Clear with the one from the MX Black in order to reduce the actuation and especially the bottom-out force. The result is a smoother typing feel and a more relaxed typing or gaming experience, even over many hours, without tiring the fingers. Additionally, the community member coated the spring and plunger with PTFE-based lubricant to further optimize actuation performance and acoustics. Since the modified MX Clear now felt like a hybrid of classic MX Clear and MX Brown, but had an even better typing feel than the original due to the user optimizations, "mtl" named this switch mod "Ergo Clear".


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