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Salt Lake Keycaps

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Variation: Base Kit

This set is inspired by the Salt Lake with its translucency aiming to replicate the crystaline water of salt lakes, embellished with pale yellow sand and white salt crystals :)

Base kit has 150 keys, using icon key. R1, R2, and R4 each have two 1U novelties , R3 has one carriage return novelty, R4 has two 1.25U novelties and two 1.5U novelties.(The translucent part is not yet the final version)

Base Kit Supported:
·MX HHKB, 60%, 65% (one 1.75u Shift), 660 (an extra 2.25u Shift)
·Supported WKL
·2u Shift

Numpad Kit Supports:
22 keys
Compatible with 960,980,100% with Base Kit


Spacebars Kit

·The extra B key
·1.75U、2U、2.25U、2.75U、3U(One for each)spacebar

Variation: Base Kit

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