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DOCK Artisan Tray [Pre-order]

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Variations: Black
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Døck is a CNC Aluminum or Polycarbonate artisan tray, with a HHKB-inspired layout.
The tray has 16 artisan keycap slots.

Døck Specifications:
- Layout: HHKB-inspired layout with a total of 16 artisan slots
- Angle: 7.5°
- Materials: Aluminum 6063 or Polycarbonate
- Surface treatment: Sandblasted anodize or Electrophoresis coat for aluminum, sandblasted for polycarbonate

Quality expectation:
1. There are hookmarks inside the keycaps slot due to the anodization process
2. Slight scratch mark for the Polycarbonate version inside the keycaps slot
3. Polycarbonate B stock has slight crack marks
4. Polycarbonate C stock has visible crack marks
For better QC standards, kindly refer to Anorexious Design's QC page: HERE
Variations: Black

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