Gateron Twins 2 in 1 Switch and Keycap Remover

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This new Gateron toy combines both a Keycap Puller and a Switch Puller into 1 compact form factor. 

Feature Set: 

  • Polycarbonate Housing
  • Rectangular Design
  • Easy holding/removal of switches and keycaps
  • Added flexibility to remove keycaps and switches
  • Centre release button to release keycap/switch

Fun Facts:

  • The keycap remover holds up to 2 regular keycaps before they need to be released
  • The new design enables locking onto the keycaps real quick and can be easily removed. 
  • The switch puller is an upgraded version and should be able to remove most switches with ease
  • The remover clamps onto switches automatically with the downwards motion to lock the item into place. 
  • This is a combination of two of Gateron's older designs that cost upwards of 35SGD each. now at 15SGD as at the time of writing this 🤣

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