Mechanical Keyboard Lubricants

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Grade: Krytox 205g0 5G

Lube your keyboard switches to bring out their best qualities!

The lubricants are all unique in their own ways and will be essential in giving you a better typing experience.

We have hand-packed this into a reclosable container and each bottle will have 5G of this product. Due to the density and size of the container, lubricants will not fill up the entire container.

We use a precision scale to measure the weight of lubricant put in and usually try to give slightly over 5g to ensure that you get as advertised. 5g will be enough to lube about 150ish switches. Do only apply this sparingly so as not to over-lubricate your switches. Less is always more!

Our current selection of lubricants are as follows

  • Krytox 206g0
  • Krytox 205g0
  • Krytox 203g0
  • Krytox 106g0
  • Krytox 105g0
  • TriboSys 3203
  • TriboSys 3204
  • Permatex 22058

All lubricants on this page are genuine Miller-Stephenson products (except Permatex- Not produced by Chemours and Miller). For more information please visit their website.

Note for international buyers: At the moment, choosing lubricants force the shipping methods to ups and regional couriers to align with their shipment policies. Consider taking these off if you prefer more affordable shipping. 


Grade: Krytox 205g0 5G

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