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O Rings for Mechanical Keyboards

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1 Pack contains 104 O-Rings

O-Rings are a one-time investment that can dampen and reduce the noise produced by mechanical switches on a mechanical keyboard.

They serve to cushion the force when you bottom out the keycap towards the switch(between the switch top and the keycap), making the overall typing/gaming experience more silent than before! Please be mindful of this statement.

For switches such as blue switches, the clicking sound comes from the internal mechanism INSIDE the switch. This kind of sound can only be changed by lubricating the switch or removing the internal components that create the sound. So the intended usage is wrong if you're looking to reduce the sound of the switch internals with O-Rings.

Do let us know should there be anything that we can assist with 😊

Estimated measurements:
Outer diameter: 8mm
Inner diameter: 5mm
Hardness rating of rubber: 45A-50A

Photos are taken to more accurately present the actual product to the best of our ability.

Please allow for some differences in colours and measurements

Support local!! 😊