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PBTFans Vior Keycap Set [Instock]

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The theme of Pbtfans Vior is inspired by cosmic dust. The set comes in dark purple, semi-transparent outer layers with incorporated silver and gold sparkles that add more dimension to the caps.



Material: ABS Material (semi-transparent)
Profile: Cherry Profile
Manufacturing Method: Doubleshot injection moulding(Greek Sublegend: UV printed)
Manufacturer: PBTfans
Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed tray cover
Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clones switches
Designer: Aiglatson Studio


Please direct any questions/clarficiations that you have HERE. We are glad to assist!


Set is instock. We ship within 2 to 4 working days/weekly basis.


1. The keyboards are for visual illustration purposes and are not a part of this set.
2. These keycaps are semi-transparent; therefore, renders could illustrate inaccurate colour, surface texture, and degree of transparency.
3. The inner layer for the actual set would potentially have visible holes, please take photos of Pbtfans Neon below as the reference. These holes are not defects but manufacturing constraints from the double shot injection moulding process.
4. Cancellation of orders incur a 4% administrative charge