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Antistatic IXPE Sheet Foam

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New ancillary product for the modification of mechanical keyboards. sike

PE Foam goes under the switches, on top of the PCB.

For usage, this will block out the RGB lights unless you make holes for the RGB modules. You will usually place the switches over it.
If it's easier, do consider poking holes before the installation of switches.

Please take note that the sheet of foam will be folded and THERE WILL BE CREASES.
Should you be particular about this, please do not buy the product.
If you put it into the keyboard you definitely will not be able to see it unless you use a transparent plate.

This PE foam is geared towards giving you that poppy sound without the need to:
1) buy an entire roll of PE Foam
2) Worry about it being static (This is antistatic)
3) Sheet form is easier to manage

36cm x 12cm x 0.5mm