Switchpads (PE,EVA, Poron)

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Material: PE/IXPE
We're bringing you an item that will help streamline the process of applying foam to your PCB and at the same time, spoil you with 3 options of PCB foam :)

All in stock, Updated: 23/10/2021

Do note that these will go directly under the switches, helping to improve and alter the sound quality. They also serve to reduce vibrations created by the switches, further improving and enhancing the overall typing experience.

All PCB foam offered by us is 0.5MM and does not leave a residue when removed, saving you the trouble of cleaning them.

The materials offered by k.techs is as follows:
1. PE Foam - If you're looking for marbles then this is your go-to :) replicates the PE Foam mod pretty well (subjective!) I've specifically brought in the anti-static one to protect your keyboards.
2. Keysporon - We do use similar products to reconstruct original poron foam which is why it has been named keysporon as such. Should there be a time where 0.5mm PORON foam is in the market, we'll be looking to produce this exact product
3. EVA - Ethylene-vinyl acetate, EVA. Highly sought-after PCB foam and used rather extensively! It can provide a sound signature bit less poppy/thocky as compared to the PE Foam variant

My personal favorite would be the PE Foam variant due to the alterations it can make on the overall sound profile as well as that it's safe to use on your precious PCB.

The different materials will affect the outer appearance of the foam a little (eg. a little more wrinkly) but the function is not impeded.

As usual, all photos are personally taken to best represent the product itself :)

Do reach out if you have any questions and we'll do our best to assist.

Stay safe and healthy! :)
Material: PE/IXPE

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