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Color: Black
PCB Choice: Solder


Spectacle 80


The next entry of the Spectacle line-up.



  • Introduction
  • Design - inspiration and philosophy
  • Specifications
  • Measurements
  • Pricing / Customization
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The Spectacle 80 is our next flagship release. Teaming up with KEZEWA for this release, we will be running the Spectacle 80 as an IN-STOCK product.

Following the same design philosophy as it’s predecessor, the Spectacle 80 delivers a beautifully designed experience. With symmetry and subtlety being the main focus, the Spectacle 80 is yet another stunning entry.

Design - Inspiration and philosophy

When starting the design process of the Spectacle 80 we turned to nature for inspiration.
Inspired by the elegance of butterflies, it became the main inspiration.

Continuing the 5-axis machining, loved on the predecessor, the Spectacle 80 features beautifully designed curves to accentuate its profile.

The design comes to life from all angles, from the rear - with an elevated look, making it seem as if the board is floating - to front, with a perfect symmetry in the top and bottom half.

Combining the smooth curves, floating design, screwless exterior and the integrated seam, the Spectacle 80 is our most refined product to date.






Weight: 2.2kg (4.85 lbs)

Typing angle: 8 deg

Mounting style: Top Mount

Front height: 18.8 mm

Layout: F12 TKL WKL

Case material: 6061 Aluminum

Weight material:Stainless Steel (PVD Coated)

Plate Material: 5052 Aluminum

Foam: No foam

Packaging: Carry Case

PCB:1.6non-flexcut pcb(hotswap or solder)

(vial、via、qmk supported)





Pricing / Customization

The Spectacle 80 will be customizable in a handful of ways.

Colors: Black with blue pvd, Silver with black pvd and Grey with gold pvd


Color: Black
PCB Choice: Solder

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