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Syringe for Stabilizer Tuning

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These syringes are custom sourced to aid with dispensing lubricant/grease of choice into your stabilizers, making tuning a breeze. 

 We have tested for 205g0 and Permatex and can confirm that they can be dispensed using the head. 


Each purchase entitles you: 1 x Syringe + 2 x Straight Head 

Transparent Straight Head : Better flow rate - Suited for Permatex or slightly thicker lubricant/greases.

Pink Straight Head: Better for thinner lubricants around the 205G0 or thinner range


DO NOT use them as sterilized medical equipment. This is only for Mechanical Keyboard usage. We are not responsible for any misuse.


Kindly reach out to us should there be any queries and we will do our best to address them

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