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Time65 Keyboard Kit[GB]

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Color: Milkshake White - Gold Weight
PCB Choice: 1.2mm Non-Cut Hotswap PCB
Group-buy: 3rd May to 2nd June
Delivery: Late Q4 2024
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  5. This is a keyboard kit and does not come with switches and keycaps.

* Typing angle: 8°
* Front height: 19.85mm
* Mounting style: Top mount with leaf spring plate
* PCB: 1.2mm non-flex cut, separated daughter board

Mounting Styles
* Top Mount with Leaf Spring Plate

What is included in the package

* Keyboard kit (Top case / bottom case, Aluminum single key flex-cut plate, badge, C port accessory block, aluminum weight) × 1
* PCB + daughterboard + connecting cable × 1
* 3.5MM poron foam ×1
* 0.5MM ESD foam ×1
* PCB stabilizer shims ×10
* Foot pads ×4
* Screws


Color: Milkshake White - Gold Weight
PCB Choice: 1.2mm Non-Cut Hotswap PCB

Not simply a follow up

From Time80, many significant changes have been made while doing our best to maintain the essence of its predecessor.

A shift has been made from straightforward design philosophy towards one with curves, contours, bold blending curves, all put together with a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Design Changes

Previously, the top and bottom cases had a flat structure, with the slope integrated into the top case.

However, this design sometimes led to hollow-sounding typing without foam and might not appeal to many female users due to its direct style.

With Time 65, we've placed the slope on the bottom case, returning to the traditional slope design and added fluid curves to the sides.

The challenge with this design was addressing the issue of the bottom case being thinner than the top, preventing the insertion of the dial.

However, we cleverly resolved this issue, giving the overall appearance a more dynamic feel.

8 Color Choices

There must be one that you like most.

Note: Renders are only for reference, please check the real color of sample in the reviews.

Foam Choices Aplenty

The five layers of foam and the professional structural design greatly enhance the typing experience of Time65.

Inspired by Timepieces

We've also made intricate changes to the dial, adding Roman numeral time scales, simulating the gears and screws found in mechanical watches, and replacing the previous heart-shaped hands with Omega-style sword hands.

Additionally, we've added a second hand and a simulated chronograph dial above.

While we'd love to perfect the Time design further, even considering creating a real watch, consultations with industry professionals have made us realize the immense challenge of creating a mechanical watch movement that is far beyond our capabilities.

Therefore, to avoid regrets, we've focused on making the dial's interior design as realistic and detailed as possible, mimicking mechanical watches' overall structure and details where feasible.

PCB Layouts



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