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TX Springs (14mm and 16mm)

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Our springs have been widely accepted as one of the best aftermarket springs among the keyboard enthusiasts.

We will STOP calling our springs “slow curved” or “progressive” because we do not think they are intuitive. They are short springs (14mm) and long springs (16mm) compared to stock Cherry springs (15mm).


  • Cherry MX compatible 
  • Springs are made from stainless steel wire and have gone through vigorous QC to make sure that each spring does not have a deviation outside of -1/+1
  • Sample packs do NOT include 57g, 62g and 67g springs. 10 springs per weight from 45g to 90g are included in each pack.
  • Springs Only means no lube included. Springs will be shipped in a bag.
  • The lube comes with the spring is paraffin synthetic oil kin ordered from a specific factory so it’s not associated with any brands.
  • Force is measured at bottom out.
  • Lube deck package is designed and carefully packed to minimize damage in transit
  • 110 springs each case/pack.

How to use

  • Each spring is placed in the hole
  • Drop half a drop of lube oil of your choice on it
  • The container under will trap any residual