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Akko Lavender Pro V3 Tactile Switch

$0.39 SGD

We've been taking a look at Akko's line of switches and have finally decided to get them stocked. 

These are the following switches and specifications:

Kindly note that the minimum order quantity is 10 switches. 

Any order below 10 switches will be cancelled with a 4% cancellation fee. 



Akko V3 Lavender Purple Pro Switch
Akko Lavender Purple Pro has upgraded the regular Lavender Purple to 5-pin with dustproof structure, with additional lubrication work on the rails, providing better out-of-box experiences.

Type: Tactile
Operating force: 40g
Total Travel: 3.8mm
Pre Travel: 1.9mm
Tactile Position: 0.5mm
Tactile Force: 55g
Factory Lubrication: Yes
Switch Style: Mx Style Opening with 5 pins
Upgraded palladium gold contact instead of silver
Upgraded ally copper contact instead of phosphor copper
Rail lubrication to reduce friction

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