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Jade Keycaps

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Option: Jade Base


  • Cherry Profile 
  • ABS Doubleshot


    瑾瑜(Pin yin: jin3 yu2) is JU x Domikey JADE theme in Chinese. It stands for beautiful jade in general.

    In a Chinese Classic poem The Song of Chu, the author writes '怀瑾握瑜兮,穷不知所示.' (it means that the 'I' cannot find anyone who is able to share same visions or to talk with 'me'.) It reminds Ju of that he lives in the Internet age. JU is able to share and make friends through the Internet.  Therefore, JADE theme is kind of gift from JU Studio to the Community.

     A good and beautiful jade in Chinese culture is clear and bright. It is hard to express such feature in colour and material on keycap.  With many of attempts on colouring, JU eventually get the one which makes him satisfied. With Domikey high-quality ABS translucent plastic, JADE theme keycap comes true. 



    • size: 900x400mm
    • waterproof Jersey surface


    Option: Jade Base

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