Everglide/Durock V3 Screw-in Stabilisers

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Configuration: Clear (Full Set Box)

JWK is the manufacturer for both Durock and Everglide Stabs so the stabs are the same.

We have ready stocks(for fastest shipping times) for these awesome directly sourced Everglide V2 Screw-in Stabilizers and will ship soonest possible once your order is confirmed!

JWK is the manufacturer for both Durock and Everglide Stabs.

They are different from V1 versions primarily due to the reverse clamp style that helps to keep the wire in the stabilizer through a different mold via JWK.

Both come from the same manufacturer so at times people list them under Everglide or Durock. We've also checked with suppliers and got word of such practices. Do be well informed.

Each kit comes with: 4x 2u 1x 6.25u with gold plated wires

Please expect that wires might have to be balanced. We do our best to preserve factory packaging but things like speed post delivery etc might bend the wires.

Ultimately, the beauty is in tuning your stabs till they reach perfection. Even the best content creators and keyboard enthusiasts sink in countless hours just to balance their stabilizers.

Pictures are taken in-house for the best representation of the product.

Stay safe, support local and don't hesitate to reach out should there be anything that we can assist with.

Cheers! :)


Configuration: Clear (Full Set Box)

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