Everglide V3 Panda Plate mounted Stabilisers

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Hello friends, please do take the time to read through the post before buying :)

We have ready stocks(for fastest shipping times) for these awesome directly sourced Everglide Stabilizers and will ship soonest possible once your order is confirmed!

Everglide V3 stabs are in! (These stabs DO NOT NEED CLIPPING) Thus saves you some time here and there

This stabilizer set includes the following: (4) 2u Stabilizers (1) 6.25u Stabilizers

It features stainless steel, gold plated wires. This not only helps with the rigidity of the wire but also helps with resistance to oxidation. When modded properly(with Permatex or 205G0), it would really serve to improve the entire typing experience and reduce the rattling sounds of uneven spacebars and other related issues. This stabilizer set can be used on widely popular keyboards such as that of tecware phantom elite, Keychron keyboards, Gammakay Womier etc~ If you do need any assistance with compatibility please do let us know. We'll try to run a check for you as well. Do let us know should there be anything that we can assist with. Please allow for some differences in colours and measurements. Support local!! 😊

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