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Gateron Yellows (Milky Yellow/ Full Milky/Nylon Yellow/GPro2 and 3)

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Gateron Milky Yellow Switches are linear switches with a unique sound due to their design. (produce a good THOCK)
These switches offer INSANE value to those on a budget.

Do select the number of switches from the options.

They feature:
Milky switch housing
5 pin PCB mounting
Type: Linear
Actuation: 50g


Full milkies (Full milky housing): This allows for the most light to pass through the switch itself. No factory lubrication. 

Milky Yellow(Milky Top Black Bottom): These are well known across the market and are a go-to for most to produce a good thock. Do not allow RGB through. No factory Lubrication. 

Full nylon (Full body Black): These are less well known. The switches are slightly scratchier as compared to the rest of them and will mostly have to be lubed and filmed for the best result. They usually sound louder than the other 2 variants (personal favorite because of this). Do not allow RGB through. No factory Lubrication. 

Gpro2: Increased smoothness with factory lubrication and a slightly better mold. Allows RGB through. 

GPro3: Increased smoothness with factory lubrication with a slightly deeper/fuller sound due to black bottom. Does not allow RGB through. Added durability of switch due to triple layered feet compared to the usual double layered commonly seen on the market. 

Please do your due diligence checks before purchasing. Some things to take note of:

Make sure that it is a hot-swap keyboard or if you have solder.

Make sure that your keyboard uses normal mechanical switches and not optical switches.

Make sure that it uses a Gateron/Kailh hotswap socket and not Outemu (Some tecware keyboards).

Please do check with your manufacturer if you need help in confirming if it can fit.
We do not accept any refunds for this as we assume you have already used it.

Do note that it is normal for pins to get bent during shipping due to the way that they are handled when being shipped and this is unavoidable.
You will be able to straighten them out with tweezers!

For those requiring 3 pin configurations, you will be able to cut them off with a pair of cutters!

Switches are sold in 1 Qty = 1 Piece.

This option is to give you more flexibility, but we heavily recommend getting in 10 switch increments.

Any order below 10 Pieces will be canceled.