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Invokeys Matcha Latte V2 Linear Switches

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 MOQ: 70 Pieces

We're the proud exclusive distributor of Invokey's line of switches for Singapore and the SEA region!

Stem: 13.6mm POM, long pole
Top Housing: PC
Bottom Housing: Nylon
60g bottom out, 15mm length springs
Note: Factory specifications are 60g, however, they actually measure at 62g bottom out
3.3mm total travel
5 pin MX style latches
Factory pre-lubed
Manufactured by Aflion

What are the Invokeys Matcha Latte Switches v2?
Matcha Latte V2 switches retain the essence of the original Matcha Lattes, featuring the same long pole POM stem and standard lightweight spring, but with an updated PC top and Nylon bottom housing. As part of our continued effort with Aflion to make the best ready-to-use switches, the Matcha Lattes v2 also utilize the latest lubrication process where stems are lubricated by hand, and springs are donut-dipped and metal leaf contacts are greased by machine.

Design Influences - Why Matcha Latte?
We absolutely love Matcha everything. It’s an easy go-to drink for us, whether it’s hot, iced, with fresh milk, or blended. It evokes feelings of comfort, homey-ness, and simply something we will enjoy no matter how old we get, so we hope to share these sentiments with you through our switches, design, and packaging. Enjoy!

"She say, 'Do you love me?' I tell her, 'Only partly, I only love my bed and my matcha, I'm sorry.’" - Drake-ish


Authorized Regional Vendors:

SG/SEA - ktechs (You are here!)
US/CAN - Invokeys
UK - SerpentKeys

AUS - KeebzNCables


Switches are sold in 1 Qty = 1 Piece.

This option is to give you more flexibility, but we heavily recommend getting in 10 switch increments.

Any order below 70 Pieces will be cancelled.

This is one of the many website exclusives to come.
They will not be listed on other platforms.