Keykobo Red Alert [Instock]

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Selection: Base Kit +Red Alert

Keykobo Red Alert features:

  • Cherry Profile
  • ABS Plastic
  • Double-shot legends
  • Manufactured by Keykobo
  • Numrow compatible with GMK Red Alert Base

Material: ABS material
Production Method: Doubleshot
Profile: Cherry profile 

Design by Mars.


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Please follow our discord as it is not feasible for constant updates through other avenues. 
By purchasing, you agree to these conditions. 

1. The keyboards are for visual illustration purposes and are not a part of this set.
2. If these keycaps are semi-transparent; therefore, renders could illustrate inaccurate color, surface texture, and degree of transparency.
3. No cancellations or refunds

Selection: Base Kit +Red Alert

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