Krush65 Keyboard Kit [GB]

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Kit Contents

- Case (As Selected)
- Weight (As chosen)
- Alu top-Mount Plate
- Daughterboard
- Hotswap/Solder PCB
- O Ring
- Keyboard Case
- Screws, Feet and Accessories


Group-buy: 30th April 2024 - 20th May 2024
Delivery: Late Q4 2024


Typing angle: 7 deg
Front height: 19mm 
Size: 315.3mm x 110.2mmWeight: Copper weight unbuild: 1,7kg Aluminum weight unbuild: 914g

Designed for utmost deliciousness


Designed by NuxrosKB, Krush65 aims to be a blend of great heft and affordable for the price, thoughtfully executed.

Case Colors

Be spoilt for choice

Keyboard Weight

Be seriously spoilt for choice

Premium weight offerings

Machined Weights

To satisfy the modern aesthetic tastes, we have intentionally included weights adorned with precise machining marks.

Mounting Styles

Choose from the Krush65's dual mounting options to suit your preferences

Top Mount

Gummy O-Ring

Plate Selections

Pair your board with a variety of exquisite plate materials, offering your board an array of choices to enhance its sound and texture

PCB Layouts

Differentiated availability help to determine the best key combination for your Krush65

Still not sure?

Watch Alexotos's review of Krush65

They really Krush'ed it with this one... I (Alex) am not sorry for this dad joke.

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