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Type/Size: 20 Switch

Hey guys, we have 2 designs with metal trays. They are really interesting and have allocated areas to hold both springs and lube. Please note that the metal trough will be bent. This is a result of shipping and is unavoidable. Due to this, WE HAVE REMOVED THE COST OF THE THROUGH AND WILL BE PROVIDING IT FOR FREE. Attached is a photo of how it will look like. Update: We have changed to a better shipment strategy. Currently, the quality of the troughs that come in are better but we're just leaving this text here just in case.

Do note. Stems might be a tight fit. This is industry-wide due to the machining process. Please do try out both the top and bottom of the plates when trying to fit stems as the bottom side will have smaller slots for the stems. This can also possibly be widened by using sandpaper. We feel that you should be given a clear picture for this before you make your decisions henceforth the clarity here.

Stocks are also locally held for faster turnaround times. 😊

Lube deck/stations serve to hold the components of opened switches when you are lubing, streamlining your workflow while ensuring that switch components are well arranged.

Do let us know should there be anything that we can assist with.

Please allow for some differences in colours and measurements.

Support local!! 😊

Type/Size: 20 Switch

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