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Mechanical Switch Lubrication Service

Housing and Stem Lube
Spring Lube


Pick a set of mechanical switches that suit your fancy. Please remember to increase the switch count in cart!

Click on the individual pictures at the end of each description to take a closer look at the specifications!


Smooth, consistent performance across your keystroke.


Feel a tactile bump on each keystroke.

Silent Switches

Silence is golden

General maintenance and others

For those of you wanna sit back and relax while your switches are done, this is for you. 

We're offering add-on lubrication services for switches (Soft ETA 2-3 weeks before shipment) at the moment. 

An example is shown below:
Eg. You're interested in getting 100 milky yellows from us. 
Step 1: Add Qty 100 of Milky Yellows to cart
Step 2: Add Qty 10 of this service to cart (Do select options such as films and lubricant of choice
Step 3: Checkout

Also, do note that 1 qty = 10 switches. Say you're looking to get 100 switches, do select the qty as 10.

If you're not sure or have other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!