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[Pre-order] Aflion Melody Mechanical Switches

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Switch denomination: 1 Qty = 10 pieces


The Synthetic Melody pairs the classic PC top and nylon bottom of Aflion switch housing materials with the perfect leaf, stem, and spring combination that delivers a medium weighted typing experience with a smooth rounded tactile bump. Think Matcha Latte meets Neapolitan Ice Cream. If you're looking for a fun and mild tactile switch I implore you to check out these Synthetic Melody switches! (Also, the colorway is pretty dope.)

Switch Specs:

Long Pole Light Tactile
PC Top
Nylon Bottom
60g Dual-Stage Gold Plated Spring
Factory Hand Lubed
Expected Price: 60-65¢

Features a long-pole stem with a ~6.5g tactile drop and a 3.7mm bottom out.

The force curve is as attached below: