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7305 Gold Mill-max Hotswap Sockets

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Milmax sockets offer a balance between the original solder experience and the hot-swap experience that sacrifices sound quality. 

7305 is the best known to sit more flush against the PCB, leaving less room for protrusions, setting them apart from the rest of the herd. 

Kindly do your due diligence before purchasing. These sockets are basically to help convert a solder-only PCB into a pseudo hot-swap PCB. Base your purchase decisions on the provided specifications. 

All sales are final.

Manufacturer: Mill-Max
Type: Solder-Mount
Length: 2.67mm
Outside Diameter: 1.96mm
Material: Beryllium Copper Alloy
Plating: Gold Over Nickel
Unit weight: 76.293mg

Prices are for individual bags of 100 sockets.
1 Mechanical Switch uses 2 Sockets.
Kindly do your research before purchasing.


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