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Color: Space (Deep Space island)
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Noland N1 by Nooir

- Inspiration
- Design Concept
- Lucas Suspension System
- Typing Feel
- Colorway Editions
- Specifications
- Extra Components
- Pricing and Vendors


All of this originates from a dream vaguely remembered. Within the tranquil expanse of the cosmic space exists a solitary little island drifting. No matter the efforts and struggles, one cannot get close to it; it peacefully floats there. Only on the island stands alone square monument...

It is like an island that appears visible yet has never truly existed.

We named this series "Noland N1."

Design Concept



Lucas Suspension System

This completely new structural form consists of six sets of suspensions and two sets of magnets. When viewed from the top, its structural characteristics closely resemble a spider, much like the animated character 'Lucas the Spider' created by illustrator Joshua Slice. Hence, it is named the "Lucas Suspension System."

The structure responsible for providing soft bounce is separated from the inner structure and placed on the outer side. Magnetic suspension is used as the primary method of elastic feedback. Using a total of 6 elastic arms, 3 on each side, set at different angles, stabilizes the magnetic field's effective range, meeting the structural requirements for bowl-shaped potential energy and enabling it to maintain a stable suspended state.

The inner structure is designed separately, utilizing 4 large permanent magnets for upward thrust. Nooir's objective is not to create a magnetic suspension gasket but to achieve a visual effect of the entire keyboard being suspended.

The primary purpose of this approach is to avoid any potential tactile sound and hardware issues that could arise from having the mechanical structure and inner structure in the same cavity.

The consistency in sound and tactile feel will operate as independent systems without interference while also delivering a captivating suspended visual experience.

The external three-angle elastic arms are designed to minimize instability in the X and Y-axis directions as much as possible. The inner springs provide the lateral compression force of these elastic arms.

Nooir has implemented a visual design of the structure, allowing for a clear view of the movement of the structural components on both sides. They chose not to use acrylic or polycarbonate, which can turn yellow and scratch over time, as transparent materials for visual effects. Instead, we opted for ultra-clear tempered glass with optical properties. This choice ensures sufficient transparency while maintaining excellent durability, strength, and longevity. Extensive testing has confirmed that it meets the design requirements for strength and resilience.

The "Lucas Suspension System" structure consists of 6 sets of suspensions and 2 sets of magnets. During the keypress process, the suspension structures on both sides of the keyboard compress towards the center through elastic arms and bearings, providing stable linear support. As the keypress approaches bottom-out, the repulsion of the magnets becomes more pronounced, and the supporting force opposing the keypress gradually and smoothly increases. This prevents sudden bottoming-out impact during the depression and eliminates the sound of bottoming out.

Typing Feel

Typing on Noland N1 feels like typing on a suspended platform. Even forceful keypresses do not generate a strong impact. On this soft suspended platform, the sound remains clear without being muffled.

Once the switches are installed on the kit, the sound profile tends to be more on the loud side, even though the keypress feel is very soft. The metal enclosure that determines the sound is elevated in the air by the Lucas Suspension System structure. In contrast, the Lucas Suspension System structure below the enclosure absorbs the impact force from typing. The keyboard has unique acoustic components to make the sound crisper and louder.

Colorway Editions


The bottom case surface features a black electrophoretic coating with a sprayed finish, ensuring a smooth touch. The top cover utilizes a reliable and durable anodization process, bringing out the simplicity and efficiency reminiscent of space equipment.

The inner structure top case features a space-themed design with Anodized Gray.

The bottom case has a deep-space design with electrophoretic Black and coating Starry.

The bottom badge showcases a space-themed design and is made of stainless steel with a PVD finish.


The metal top case is coated with a refined white electrophoretic surface, ensuring a smooth touch where the hand makes contact. Compared to the Space edition, this design presents a higher level of complexity in surface treatment and includes more stylistic details.

The inner structure of the top case features a Winter-themed design with E-White.

The bottom case incorporates a design with three surrounding curved cutouts and uses Stainless Steel with deep blue Mirror PVD.


•   Layout: 75%(83 keys)
•   Material: Aluminum (Badge: Stainless Steel)
•   Default Plate: FR4
•   Connection: Tri-mode (Wired, Bluetooth, 2.4G)
•   Indicator Lights: Different light effects for battery status in Wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G modes
•   Structure: Proprietary (Lucas Suspension System)
•   Driver: Supporting VIA
•   Battery: 4000mAh
•   PCB Thickness: 1.2mm
•   Typing Angle: 8°, Front height 30mm
•   Editions: Winter / Space
•   Surface Treatment: Electrophoresis/Stainless Steel PVD/Anodized/Coating
•   Weight: ~4kg

What's Included?

•   Case x1
•   Default Badge x1
•   Mixed sound board x1
•   Lucas magnetic levitation structure inner frame x1
•   Foam set x1
•   Teflon structure anti-wear pad x2
•   Custom black CD pattern screws x1
•   Magnetic levitation magnets x8
•   75% layout PCB & small board & battery x1
•   75% layout FR4 plate x1
•   Custom metal storage box x1
•   Bumpons x4

Excludes: switches, keycaps, stabilizers.

Packaging Box

Extra Components

Keycaps and Switches

NOOIR N1 exclusive transparent keycaps "Ice Crack" - Made of ABS material with an in-mold foil process, creating a faint blue halo under light.

Nooir x Gateron "N switch"

○   Type: 5-pin Linear (factory lubed)
○   Stem: Black POM long stem (dual-rail structure)
○   Top cover: PC starry blue (dual-rail structure)
○   Base: Nylon black (dual-rail structure)
○   Total travel: 3.6mm
○   Actuation travel: 2mm
○   Actuation force: 50g
○   Spring: 20mm dual-stage spring (fast rebound)
○   Manufacturer: Gateron

Wrist Rest, Cable

Wrist rest Specs:

1.   Aluminum,
2.   replaceable aluminum commemorative coin,
3.   glass top cover,
4.   an aluminum supporter with angle and height adjustment.

WINS custom USB cable with Aviation Connector:

Color: Space (Deep Space island)

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