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Switch Puller

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Easy removal of mechanical switches due to the clamp-like design.

Good for use on hotswap keyboard or desoldered keyboard switches. If your switches are soldered, you will not be able to remove the switches with the product and will need to desolder first.

The design of this product enables fuss-free and easy removal of mechanical switches compared to the normal switch pullers offered by default!

You will not require much force to dislodge the switch and you should be able to do it with relative ease.

Please note that this will work well for hot-swappable keyboards. For soldered keyboards, you will need to de-solder them before using this tool to remove the switches.

Do let us know should there be anything that we can assist with.

Photos are taken to more accurately present the actual product to the best of our ability.

Should you be looking for a full metal one, please look at our shop's listing for it.

Please allow for some differences in colours and measurements.

Stocks are also locally held for the fastest turnaround times.

Do also check out our full metal version from the add-on deals :)

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