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Poron Modular Case Foam

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PORONĀ® polyurethane is highly resilient elastomers ideal for use in sound blocking while providing excellent resistance to compression set (collapse), and high resiliency, vibration damping and impact absorption.šŸ˜Š

Thickness: 2mm
Total length: 43*13cm

General indentations have also been made for differing keyboard sizes as a guide for you.
You'll just need to cut along the dotted lines (scissors) after cross-checking against your keyboard case to arrive at the desired case size. It doesn't get easier than this!
The only thing that you'll need to do would be to cut out the standoffs manually or a small knife to poke a hole and pull the foam over the standoffs.

We've designed this product with most of the keyboard sizes in mind. Although they may cover a big range, please note that there will be exceptions to this.

Do note that this will be folded during packaging and factory handling might lead to small holes in the case foam.

Please do let us know should there be anything that we can assist with :)

Stay safe and have fun friends!

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