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SGKM23 Commemorative Keychain

Every purchase of 1 keychain entitles you to a free entry into the SGKM23 Raffle.

Please read till the bottom of the listing before purchasing.

SGKM23 T-Shirt ( Every purchase of a SGKM23 T-Shirt grants you an additional entry to our SGKM23 Raffle)

Only 40 T-shirts available!

Please note that there might be printing color/ sizing differences. Click here to view the sizing chart.

SGKM23 Deskmat ( Every purchase of a SGKM23 Deskmat grants you two additional entries to our SGKM23 Raffle)

Only 40 Deskmats available!

Spruce your table up a little. Please note that there might be printing color differences.

SGMK Meetup Goodie Bag

Purchasing a keychain will entitle you to: 
1 x Keychain + Keycap(SGKM23)
1 x Chance at the SGKM2023 Event Raffle

The sale of keychains will conclude on 2nd Dec, 1700hrs for consolidation before the same-day raffle draws. 

Do note that there are only limited available keychains for this event up for grabs.

Keychain purchases grant you a chance to the raffle that will be held during the event. 

Proceeds from the sale of merchandise, food, beverages, and workshops will go toward covering the event venue and costs.

Purchases of the following items will grant you the respective number of entries to the SGKM23 Raffle. 

Purchase of Keychain(1 entry): SGD10
Purchase of Event T-Shirt with Keychain/s (+1 additional entry):+SGD20
Purchase of Event Deskmat with Keychain/s (+2 additional entries): +SGD35
Purchase Keychain/s + Event T-Shirt + Event Deskmat (+3 additional entries and SGD10 discount automatically applied in cart)

Kindly note that merch purchased separately without a purchase of the keychain WILL NOT count towards extra raffle chances.

Please also be present during the drawing of prizes.
We will be starting the raffle draw at 1800 hours at the event (SGKM23).
Should the potential winner not be available after the 5th count, we will redraw the winner for the prize.
Please have your invoice (sent to your email) and any form of identification (e.g. IC) ready when we are picking the raffle winners. 

Prospective prize list (in no order):

and many other items, some unreleased switches, and more etc...