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Spacebar Foam

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Type: 6.25u

This foam set will be great for filling both 6.25u and 7u spacebars.

Full strips are made of EVA while the strips with spacebar hole cutouts are made of keysporon.

Do cut the eva strips to fit the spacebar. before adding in the poron strips to close it off.

- The 1st image shows how I usually use the product, usually only the 3rd piece without the center hole being put in. 
- The rest of the kit can be either used individually or stacked together, especially for higher keycaps such as the SA keycaps with more space in the middle. 
- Please remember that you need to mix and match/configure it to your own tastes. Such as my recommendation being only a recommendation (1st image)

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Type: 6.25u

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