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Switch openers for Mechanical Keyboards

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Switch openers are a great and convenient tool to open up mechanical switches. 

Please note that the design with MX ONLY are compatible with MX Switches. They can be used with Kailh but need some fiddling as the sockets are bigger than expected. 


At the moment, we only carry the Zwei Grey switch opener

There might be some instances where the factory does not use enough glue to stick the magnets on. A quick fix can be done with just a small drop of super/elephant glue :)

There may be slight differences in sizing due to the manufacturing process. Metal switch openers are more resistant compared to plastic ones that may crack/wear out with use.

Do let us know should there be anything that we can assist with. Photos are taken to more accurately present the actual product to the best of our ability.

Please allow for some differences in colours and measurements.

Support local!! 😊