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Aflion Runner Mechanical Switches

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"Rising out of bed just after dawn you greet the day with a yawn and a stretch. You slide on your favorite runners, throw on your trusty windbreaker and head out the door. With your favorite tunes jamming in your ears you push on as you hit a new personal best. But today isn't any normal day. Today you feel inspired. You press on, crisp air in your lungs and a burn in your calves but you keep going. Like all things in life, you continue forward. You make one last sprint. It feels good. It feels amazing to push yourself beyond limits. This is the life. "

The Runner switch really is just a happy little accident. While designing the Melody I received a batch of samples with the incorrect leaf which made them feel much heavier and very tactiles. These sat for a bit while waiting on updated samples but I decided to throw them into a board and immediately fell in love. I ended up liking them so much that I started work on a colorway as soon as possible. The production version of the Runner will feature a nylon top and bottom housing with a long pole tactile stem with a tactile force drop akin to that found in switches like U4Ts, Holy Pandas, and Dark Jades.

Runner Switch Specs:

  • Tactile

  • Nylon Top

  • POM Long-pole Stem

  • Nylon Bottom

  • 70g Bottom Out

  • Dual Stage Spring

  • 3.5mm Travel

  • Factory Hand Lubed