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Banana Split Switches

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Springs: 62g spring
Top housing: Nylon and Polycarbonate (PC) blend
Bottom housing: Nylon and Polycarbonate (PC) blend
Stem: Polyoxymethylene (POM)
PCB mount (5 pin)
Pre-lubed in factory - very light application
Manufactured by JWK and designed by C³Equalz

This is the first entry into TKC's Snack Time Switch Line: Banana Split switches are linear switches with a 62g spring, nylon, polycarbonate blended housing, and POM stem.

These have a smooth keypress with no tactile bump.

Pre-lubed in factory – very light application.
You can lube these switches on top of this.

Switches are sold in 1 Qty = 1 Piece.

This option is to give you more flexibility, but we heavily recommend getting in 10 switch increments.

Any order below 10 Pieces will be canceled.