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BSUN Hutt Tactile Switches [XY Studio] -Groupbuy

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Minimum Order Quantity: 30 switches

[This is a Groupbuy project - Stock is not available immediately]

Groupbuy duration: September 15th 2023 - October 15th 2023

Delivery: Q1 2024 [estimated]

XY Studio clearly doesn't want to let the legend of the Holy Panda switch to die out. That is why they decided to work with BSUN/YOK to create another "masterpiece" of a tactile switch. Inspired by the Hutt Lagoon in Australia, the Hutt switch is on full pink mode.

Other than being cute, they are actually a creation with a lot of considerations: They come with specially picked 20.5mm single-stage palladium coated spring which eliminates the spring crunch to its best extent. Also, the spring itself has a very unique 40gf actuation point and a 49gf bottom-out point which categorizes the switch as light tactile while ensuring a snappy and responsive top out.

Lastly, the material choice makes sure the switch's sound is very balanced. It is neither super loud nor muted. You can clearly hear the tactile bump and enjoy a bit of thockiness the bottom-out brings.

Any order below 30 switches will be cancelled with a 4% cancellation fee.

  • Top Housing: Polycarbonate
  • Stem: POK
  • Bottom Modified PA12
  • Spring: 40g, 20.5mm, Single Stage Palladium Coated Spring
  • Pre travel: 2mm
  • Total travel: 3.5mm
  • Bottom Out: 49g

Additional: Improved Leaf Spring from the original Holy Panda Switch.

Factory lubrication: YES
Details available: Special formula 3203 on stem leg, leaf spring, bottom housing sliders.  

Switch style: Kailh Opening with 5 pin 

Kindly note the following:
Switches are sold in 1 Qty = 1 Piece to offer more flexibility. 
However, we recommend getting in 10 Piece denominations in the event of switch spoilage during modifications, etc.
By purchasing, you agree to our disclaimer for the purchase of mechanical switches.

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