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JWK Yellow Switches

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Spring: 67g bottom out, 2.0mm pre travel, 4.0mm total travel
Top housing: Polycarbonate top
Bottom housing: Nylon bottom
PCB mount 5-pin
Over 50 million keystrokes lifespan
Not pre-lubed with factory lube
Manufactured by JWK

Hello! We're really excited to bring the JWK YELLOW Switch in for your consideration :)

These are touted as an insane gateron yellow competitor in the linear market. This switch comes factory lubricated, giving it some insane value to boot.

JWK Yellow switch is a linear actuation without pressure point with smooth-running minimal resistance. The smoother movement makes these switches quieter than tactile and clicky switches. The optimum touch makes them a good choice for both gaming and typing.

Switches are sold in packs of 1.

Quantity 1 = 1 switch.