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TTC Bluish White Tactile (Normal/Silent) Mechanical Switches

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TTC's Bluish White Mechanical Switches are one of the newer additions to the line of increasing tactile mechanical switches. They feature a double spring and muted bottom and are considered medium tactile, offering up a snappy sensation without feeling too heavy.  

The silent bluish white shares the same rounded tactility slightly sharper but in a quieter package. A newer mold is used for the Silent Bluish White featuring increased hardness of the bottom-out pad, thinner coil lubricant and a convex lens LED cover for better compatibility alongside a sharper and more refined bump. 

TTC Bluish White

  • Tactile
  • Manufactured by TTC
  • MX Style
  • Pre-travel: 2.0mm
  • Tactile Position: 0.5mm
  • Total Travel: 3.5mm
  • Bottom-Out: 42g
  • Silicone Dampener

TTC Silent Bluish White

  • Stem material: POM
  • Top housing material: PC
  • Bottom housing material: PA66
  • Spring: Signature double coiled/symmetric spring
  • Plating: Gold plated
  • Tooling: Improved 2022, very strict tolerance around the stem

Switches are sold in 1 Qty = 1 Piece.

This option is to give you more flexibility, but we heavily recommend getting in 10 switch increments.

Any order below 10 Pieces will be canceled.